Fish, Coral and an Underwater Volcano

God knew what He was doing when he assembled the team for this year’s Community Build Day.  In addition to some stalwart and talented regulars, we also had some guest artists from Ukraine (thanks for coming Anh, Natasha and Mila!).  By the end of the session, we had 54 cut-out fish, several completed main characters, colorful coral, painted acquarium rocks, underwater lichen and a formidable Mt. Wannahockaloogie.  Wow!!!  What a day!  Thanks to all who came out, cut, and painted! 

We had so much fun we are thinking that we will do it again!  If you had wanted to come but were not able to, consider dropping by our next one.  We will let you know closer to the date, so keep an eye on the How to Help page for more information.  Have a fish-filled day!

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