We Painted Mos Eisley

What a day!

When they came, there were new paint supplies, upainted cardboard and a table full of snacks.  When they left, there were 1,400 square feet of painted cardboard and a whole lot less snacks.

About 25 people including kids, teenagers and adults joined us for the first Community Painting Day of the year.  Sporting painting clothes (some showing paint from last year’s Community Painting Day), individuals grabbed brushes, rollers and sponges to turn cardboard, sourced (for free!) from local businesses, into the scenery for this year’s Albertson Halloween House.

A fun day was had by all—young and old alike.  Here are some photos from the event.

Chris and kids attack a large piece of cardboard while Keith powers through sheet after sheet.

Kelly, Mei-Mei and Micah take on a piece of cardboard together while Michelle moves a piece to the back for sponge painting.

Bich and Bethany use sponges to add sand texture to the carboard.

Kids energetically paint bottles and containers that will serve as Mos Eisley ventillation ducts.

“It may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts.” The completed cardboard (to be put up on the house closer to Halloween).

Kids sporting Mos Eisley camouflage.

Thanks to all who came out (and to Kelly, Mei-Mei and Micah who brought home-made doughnuts)!  Come by on Halloween to see their work!

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