Learning to Braid

For my Legolas costume this year, I purchased a straight, blonde wig (I opted out of growing my out my hair as it would a) take a long time, b) not end up straight but curly, and at this stage in my life c) come out gray) and decided to install the elf’s trademark braids into it myself.  Getting some great advice from the LOTR Costume site and watching a very clear tutorial, I set out to learn to braid the Elven way.  Within a few minutes I was weaving the strands of Middle-Earthian elf hair into neat rows (using the herringbone/fishtail and lace fishtail patterns).  Now if I ever find myself in the gazeboed walkways of Rivendell or the dappled paths of Mirkwood, I can arrange my hair to match the locals (and hopefully not be taken prisoner).

Legolas Braids

Close Up of Lace Fishtail Braid






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