The Colors of Oz

Color plays a big role in the Wizard of Oz—from the black and white of Kansas, to the brilliant green of the Emerald City, from the sparkle-y crimson of ruby slippers, to the golden brightness of the yellow brick road.  For each Halloween House, we give thought to the colors we paint with so that we capture the look and feel of whatever movie or epic story we are depicting.  Two main paint colors we are going to need for this year’s house are green and yellow.  I spent time trying to simulate Emerald City green and yellow brick road yellow, using acrylic paints on cardboard (the final material the paint will go on).  Once I got something that seemed good, I let those painted areas dry and then cut them out, creating swatches I could take to the paint store for matching.  Hopefully, these will convey “The Wonderful World of Oz! (in Technicolor)”

Wizard of Oz Color 01 Wizard of Oz Color 02 Wizard of Oz Color 03

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