Oz in Miniature

Sometimes it is challenging to envision how parts of the Halloween house will go together.  I find it really helpful to work out some of the details on a smaller version of the real thing.  A few years ago, I made a model of the front of the house out of paper and foam core at a 1 in. = 1 ft. scale (1 inch on the model is the same as 1 foot in real life).  With this, I can print out trial versions of sets or props, put them on the model and see how they work.  (I made some people references just to help imagine what it will look like with folks walking around!).  This year, I printed out small versions of Dorothy’s house, the Emerald City, the hot air balloon, a rainbow and even the throne of Oz himself.  At this size, the Emerald City looks more like Munchkin Land!

2015 Model

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