The Rainbow Projection

One of the iconic images from the Wizard of Oz is the rainbow.  Because of that, we had to have a rainbow as part of this year’s Halloween House.  Rainbows are big, and so we decided to include a rainbow that spanned the entire width of the house (nearly 50 feet long!).  But how do you create something like that? That was the trick.

I decided to tackle it in pieces, creating smaller arcs of the rainbow and then stitching them together for the final display. But in order to create a consistent curvature over that distance, I needed some help.
Vector Rainbow Graphic

So, I created a vector outline version of one section and then projected that onto some large cardboard pieces (unfolded bike boxes).Yard Projector

I had to get way back in order for the projector I had to fill the space. Rainbow Section ProjectedThen, I traced the outline with a pen (and even traced a smaller arc on the cardboard which would serve as the connecting piece between sections (this would be glued to the back straddling each section)). Projection Trace

After doing this six times, I had all of the sections ready for painting.  Painted Rainbow SectionA crew with Oz-like dedication devised a workflow for painting the rainbow sections (paint every other color, let dry, and then fill in the other colors) and within a few hours we had all six sections of the rainbow ready to go!  They worked so tenaciously, we could have probably had a double rainbow.

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