There’s No Place Like Home (Depot)

In the movie, the backdrop for the floating head of the Great and Powerful Oz appears to be made up of a series of cylindrical columns.  In order to replicate that (without just making a flat cardboard representation), I sought out materials which might create a similar look and feel.  Having used them as masts for various pirate ship Albertson Halloween House themes, I thought I would try a sturdy, reliable (and often free!) material—carpet tubes!  These babies can be cut with a miter saw, withstand inclement weather and be screwed together like 2X4s.  And, you can often get them for free.  Carpet stores often have extra carpet tubes (they might call them ‘cores’ as they form the inside ‘core’ around which the carpet is rolled) and if you ask nicely, they might save a few for you.

Cardboard Tubes

While I have had success in asking carpet stores in the past, this year it wasn’t panning out.  So, I inquired at Home Depot, and they seemed to have lots to share!  Since I needed about 18 of these twelve-foot tubes, I had to go to several Home Depots, but in the end I was able to get all of them for free.

Once a manager has said you can have them, you need to have the means for transporting them.  So, make sure you get the dolly, and find a way to get them into your vehicle.

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