How to Make Corn Stalks

A few months before Halloween, when we finalized the layout we imagined an area where there would be the Scarecrow standing in a field of corn.  We loved the idea, but then asked ourselves, “How do we make corn stalks?”  After a few ideas were thrown around, an idea struck: “What if we used real corn stalks?” We quickly checked the amount of time that corn takes to grow and found that it was just about the amount of time we had before Halloween!  So, we went to a local nursery and purchased some seeds of corn (just look like dehydrated corn kernels) for $1.99.

Corn Seeds

Then, we made sure to keep it sufficiently watered.  It grew.

Growing Corn

By the time Halloween rolled around, we had a crop of corn which I would estimate was as tall as an elephant’s eye.

Tall Corn
































We transferred the corn to the front of the house, tying it to some green stakes.

Corn in Front
































Then, we added the Scarecrow, and voilà!

Scarecrow and Corn

One of the least expensive (and most realistic) parts of the Halloween house!

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