Real-Life Quidditch Team in San Jose

One of J. K. Rowling’s most unique inventions in the Harry Potter series is Quidditch—the sport where players fly on broomsticks, try to score goals in ring-shaped goals, defend themselves from Bludgers and try to catch the Golden Snitch. Many people have dreamed of getting a chance to play this exciting, fast-moving game.

Well you can!

Real-life Quidditch teams exist, and while certain modifications have been made to accommodate non-magical folk, you can be a part of it and fulfill your dreams of throwing the Quaffle into the hoop while dodging blows from Beaters. San Jose is home to its very own Quidditch team—The South Bay Blazers!

The Blazers practice Saturday mornings at Backesto Park in downtown San Jose (see their Facebook page for details). They would love to have you!

2016 Quidditch Team 01

South Bay Blazers Quidditch team. Players hold Quaffle and Bludger while atop their broomsticks. The role of the Snitch is assigned to a player who must try to evade Seekers. One set of ringed goals is pictured behind the group.

We all want to find a way to get exercise that isn’t a chore. What better way to be active and have fun at the same time! If you live outside San Jose, look up your local team and head on down to the pitch to meet some cool people. They have games and tournaments with community and collegiate teams.

And who knows, you might get to be your city’s youngest Seeker in a century!

(For more information about the South Bay Blazers, contact them at


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