Setting Up Hogwarts

After weeks of work, many people painting, cutting, building and helping, the time came to set everything up.  On Friday, we set up the backdrop structure and Saturday was the big moving day. We needed to find a way to move a 12 ft. X 22 ft. cathedral-like entrance to Hogwarts from our backyard and in to place in the front yard.  Below are some pictures of the epic move (photo credit: Bethany Lewis).

2016 Setup 102016 Setup 092016 Setup 082016 Setup 07

2016 Setup 062016 Setup 052016 Setup 04












A huge thank you to the Downtown Christian Fellowship for bringing your brawn and your problem solving brains to transport and put into place a big part of the Halloween House.  You are the best!

After that, we were able to begin adding in elements like Hagrid’s hut.


2016 Setup 032016 Setup 02Stay tuned for more!

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