The Sudsy Science and Not-So-Exact Art of Potion-Making

Today we have a special guest author, Grace Albertson (my daughter).  Take it away, Grace!

Hi, the other day me and Dad decided we needed to have some potions on the porch for the Halloween house. So we searched YouTube and found this video by Demi Siriusly. Here is a link to the video We thought it could work for the porch (and my room) so we went to Micheals. We bought 3 bottles; a tall and skinny one, a wide and round one, and one that is in a shape of a heart. The tall and skinny one is Felix Felicis, the short and round one is Polyjuice, and the heart shaped one is Amortentia of course.

2016 Potion Making 04

First, we did the Polyjuice potion. That’s the wide and round bottle.The way Dad and I made the potions part is by putting so dish soap and some food coloring in the bottle. I wanted it to be muddy green so we put in 6 drops of green, 4 drops of blue, and 2 drops of yellow. Then we mixed it all together with a wooden skewer. Put the cork back on and you are done with the Polyjuice potion.  

2016 Potion Making 02

Next, we did the Felix Felicis potion. I wanted it to be a gold potion. Dad and I don’t have gold food coloring but we have gold paint. But we didn’t want to use up all of our gold paint we painted the inside of the bottle gold. We poured in some gold paint and moved the bottle so the paint would spread around. Put the cork back on and you are done with the Felix Felicis potion.  

2016 Potion Making 03

For the final potion, Amortentia, we used shampoo. The name of the Shampoo is “3 in 1 body wash, shampoo, and conditioner strawberry banana scented.” We poured in ¾ of the bottle (get it 9 ¾ ). Put the cork back on and you are done with the Amortentia potion.

2016 Potion Making 01

For the labels Dad found some good ones online. I used a sticker maker but sticker paper or double sided sticky tape will work to. Once you have your labels sticky on one side stick it to your bottles and Presto you have got yourself some Harry Potter potions.

2016 Potion Making 05

It was really fun making these potions. If you try this I hope you have fun to. Back to you Dad.

Very cool, kiddo.  Thanks!

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