Testing Stay Puft

Last year, when I mentioned that our local hardware store had a 13 foot high Stay Puft Marshmallow Man for sale, Michelle decided that it needed to be hers and that we should do Ghostbusters as a Halloween theme.  We waited for the after-Halloween sale and brought home Stay Puft at quite a discount.  But would Stay Puft stay puffed?

2017 Stay Puft Test 01

Before beginning my design work, we tested out the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man to see if he worked and to get some initial measurements.

2017 Stay Puft Test 02

After the unboxing, we plugged him in and he began to inflate.

2017 Stay Puft Test 03


Soon he was floating like a parade float.

2017 Stay Puft Test 04

Eventually he stood up, gazing out over the neighborhood, the chosen form of the destructor.

2017 Stay Puft Test 06

We took several pictures and measurements, and Grace did her best to keep Stay Puft from walking down the block.

2017 Stay Puft Test 07

First test—success!  Now to build him a street to walk down.

2017 Stay Puft Test 05

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