Making Floating Books

One of the first scenes in the Ghostbusters movie depicts a library haunted by a spirit, complete with flying card catalog cards and floating books.  We wanted to include that in this year’s house, and some friends helped to make that happen.

We started off with some books that were rescued before being thrown away.

2017 Books 01

Then, Michelle, Brian and Meredith, cut out the inner part of the pages of the books to make them light.

2017 Books 02

Next, Brian glued the edges of all the pages, as well as the covers, together and attached ‘invisible’ (very thin and clear) thread at the top.

2017 Books 03

When hung by the thread, the books appear to float!

2017 Books 04The books will be up on the porch (inside the Ghostbusters’ firehouse headquarters) on Halloween.  Come by and check them out! Thanks to everyone who helped bring this to life!


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