Community Painting Days

Painting DayHandy with a paintbrush?  Come be a part of the Albertson Halloween House Community Painting Days!  We take all ages (young kids need to bring a parent along) and skill levels (if you can hold a brush, we want you!).  Come on by!  

The address is 497 North 16th Street in San Jose, CA (95112). Wear some clothes you wouldn’t mind getting dirty.  If you plan to come, let us know so that we can make sure there are enough snacks!

Upcoming Community Painting Days—

  • All of our Community Painting Days for the year are done!  Thanks to everyone who came and helped out!

Items We Are Looking For

We are always keeping an eye out for items for the house.  If you happen to have any of the items below and are willing to donate to the cause, let us know!  Your name will be added to the Super Awesome Donor list below and kids in San Jose will have an even funner(!) Halloween thanks to you.

  • Thank you to everyone who donated items! We have secured all of the items we were looking for.

Super Awesome Donors

Below is a list of people who have generously contributed items to the Albertson Halloween House over the years.  Whether it is spare boxes, leftover Styrofoam or even computer equipment, the house wouldn’t be the same without your donations.  Thanks so much!

  • Michelle Albertson
  • Darryl and Karen Albertson
  • Kathleen Myers
  • ResponseLink
  • Mark and Nancy Duarte, M, Carol, Terri, Trish, Diandra and Ryan O. from Duarte, Inc.
  • Brian Zailer
  • Keith Blumenthal
  • Rick Schertle
  • Julie Stone
  • Jill and Seth Martin
  • Prev and Jose Bañuelos
  • Erin (‘Roos’) and Shayley
  • Daniel Peralez
  • Steve Wishman
  • Jack Ogden
  • Dan Gard
  • Liz Kowalski
  • Sonya Lu and Jeremy Plunkett
  • Campway’s
  • Michele Karg
  • Kerry Greene
  • Viking Door
  • Steve Aviles
  • Digital Media Academy
  • Cindie Davis
  • Maria Fristroem
  • Shelly Glennon
  • Dave Nguyen
  • Jonathan Valiente
  • Jasper Hiatt
  • Rich Medley and Louise DuCray
  • University Electric
  • Home Depot
  • Performance Bike
  • Visistat
  • Alex Arellano
  • Joe Perez
  • Ian and Renee Shaeffer
  • Tram Nguyen
  • Ramblewood Elementary School
  • Peabody Fine Art Gallery, Menlo Park
  • Zonkey


The following is a list of people who have made it all happen.  They have helped paint, taken pictures, prayed, dressed up as costumed characters, handed out candy, directed traffic, kept an eye on youngsters—sometimes all at the same time.  Thanks for your willingness to be a part of the magic!

  • Michelle and Grace Albertson
  • Bich, Brian, Chris and Michael Hamilton and Victoria
  • Kristin Erickson
  • Brendan, Bethany and Owen Lewis
  • Jim, Julie and Emma Somer/Stone
  • Keith Blumenthal
  • Gary, Polly and Trent Classen
  • Curtis, Jody, Mei-Mei and Ellie Chang
  • Gilles, Jill, Conor and Nathaniel Bekaert
  • Garrett, Amy, Mia and Mikayla Girard
  • Eric, Kristina, Ryan and Emi Kanemoto
  • Randy, Lori, Riley, Tatum and Abigail Lexvold
  • Steve, Meredith and Keira Harmon
  • Kathleen Myers
  • Darryl and Karen Albertson
  • Ross and Jay McKenzie
  • Scott, Aimee, Alaina, Marin and Maya Heeren
  • Rick, Angie, Kelly and Micah Schertle
  • Anh, Natasha and Mila
  • Dave Vaillancourt
  • Kristy Fong
  • Eric Woo
  • Liz and Cami Kowalski
  • Prev and José Bañuelos
  • Hamad Alfehaid
  • Debbie and Logan Drummond
  • Monica and Juliana Montaño and Melina Mo’okini
  • Mark and Karen Phillips
  • Carol Miller
  • Doug Neff and Corey Rothermel
  • Sarah, Chris, Eli and Fin Bogosian
  • Shinya and Dakota Goto
  • Ashley and Matt Faus
  • Ian, Renee, Kaitlyn and Caleb Shaeffer
  • Shelly Glennon
  • Theresa Nguyen and John Nguyen
  • Laura Wall-Klieves and Will Klieves
  • Hannah Faye Chua
  • Lily Gruenke
  • Chariti, Liam and Sullivan Canny
  • Tram Nguyen
  • Ana Gabela
  • Diandra, Justice and Noah Macias with Marisa
  • Mary-Anne Reyes
  • Thuha Cao and Alan Bui
  • Jack Ogden and Emily Koda
  • Thuy Anh Tran
  • …and more!*

If you are interested in helping, you are always welcome!  See our above for upcoming opportunities.

* (if for some reason I neglected to include your name, please gently remind me and I will rectify the situation)