Somethin’ Great in the Neighborhood

Every year we have Community Painting Days, where friends, family, neighbors and co-workers come to paint props and scenery for the Halloween house.  This year we had three painting days!  Young and old alike tackled a wide variety of very Ghostbuster-y type projects.

2017 Painting Day 01

The Bogosian family makes quick work out of painting the Ghostbusters’ headquarters walls.

2017 Painting Day 02

Michelle turns a donated cardboard tube in to the firehouse pole.

2017 Painting Day 03

A dedicated crew hard at work (in 107 degree heat!)

2017 Painting Day 04

Brian and Meredith cut out pages from books which, when invisible thread is added, will ‘float’ inside the firehouse.

2017 Painting Day 05

Bich paints the ghost containment unit while Kristina and Emi paint New York City buildings.

2017 Painting Day 06

Mary-Anne, Arya, Kriss, Mia, Emi and Grace paint firehouse trim.

2017 Painting Day 07

Michelle paints the hanging Ghostbusters sign. Grace paints a gold frame for Vigo. Mia paints the handle for the ghost containment unit.

2017 Painting Day 08

Bich paints Vinz Clortho the Keymaster of Gozer.  Or is it Zuul, the Gatekeeper?

2017 Painting Day 09

Putting some final touches on homemade DIY proton packs.

2017 Painting Day 10

Emi, Grace and Mia make some New York City traffic cones.

Thanks to everyone who helped! Come by on Halloween to see their great work!

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